Well, not yet! But, Google announced today it has agreed to buy Motorola Mobility, a handset (smartphone) manufacture for $12.5 billion. Let’s write out that amount $12,500,000.000.00, yes, a lot of money. Why?

Many people are saying that it for the patents thus giving the search a large number of patents to better position itself in the mobile device marketplace. And no doubt that is a major factor. But in my option I believe that the bigger reason was to better defend the Android mobile phone operating system (OS) in the marketplace.

But this may in fact cause bigger problems as other device manufactures court carriers for their valuable shelf space and are now competing with Google via the Droid OS. Will this cause other smartphone manufactures to embrace other mobile OS’s? It’s a strong possibility. This certainly will be a  tough road for Google to travel.

If they don’t get continued Carrier endorsement of their OS, and coming soon phones they may have to take the path toward becoming their own carrier.

Might Sprint be an option? If so becoming a cellphone carrier maybe in Google’s future.

We will wait and see . . .

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