So did you know 1 in 25 phone bills are higher than expected, not just a little, but at least $100 higher than expected. And better yet, it’s likely to happen once every twelve months.

So it seems reasonable that no one would object to requiring notices when you are getting close to your plan limits. Sounds simple enough, and it would just be plain old good customer service by the wireless carriers right?


Well the FCC wants to require that you receive notice when you’re close to your limits, and then again when you hit your limits. Simple right?


It seems that the wireless industry’s trade group, C.T.I.A.-The Wireless Association, argues,  okay are you ready for this, put down your coffee, I don’t want to be responsible for any injuries, that the F.C.C.’s proposal   “violates carriers’ First Amendment protections”; it contends that compelling carriers to provide use alerts is a form of “compelled speech.” So, by this logic, the carriers should be allowed to remain silent while your phone gobbles up data bits beyond your plan’s allocation and of course  free to charge you whatever they want for your overage fees.

Remember this the next time to see a happy, and friendly, “we are really looking out for you” commercial from one of the family friendly wireless phone carriers.

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